Dreamer Half Mask: Beacon

$ 258.00


18.55 x 22.27 x 8.48 cm


  • Made-to-order
  • 3-4 weeks to make and ship. Masks are not in stock and are not available to ship immediately
  • Since masks require sanding, painting, and finishing, there will be slight variations in comparison to the mask pictured here
  • Comes with a very pliable, high quality 5mm elastic metallic colored cord made in Italy

Additional details

  • 3D modeled and 3D printed in white strong & flexible nylon
  • 3D printed with an SLS process that uses a laser to fuse together nylon powder
  • Materials: nylon, clear grain filler, spray paint, acrylic paint, protective clear coat, varnish
  • UV protective coating
  • Sanded down and painted to look like rusted copper


When you are just starting to pursue your dreams as a creator or entrepreneur, you begin by seeking out your mentors and beacons of inspiration. But over time as you encounter your own battles and fight for your dreams, you may become a beacon for others.



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