Dreamer Half Mask: Emergence (color)

$ 258.00


22.1 x 23.95 x 10.59 cm


  • Made-to-order
  • 4-6 weeks to make and ship. Masks are not in stock and are not available to ship immediately
  • Since masks require sanding, painting, and finishing, there will be slight variations in comparison to the mask pictured here

Additional details

  • Materials: flexible elasto plastic, varnish, acrylic paint, acrylic finisher and sealer, very pliable elastic cord
  • Default mask color is painted to look like patina on antique copper. Other mask color options include white, black, silver, and gold
  • Although the mask looks delicate, the flexible elasto plastic mask will not shatter. Even so, please do not deliberately apply stress or force on the mask (because that's not nice :P ). See material flexibility demonstration in video clip below


Dedicated to the makers, creators, entrepreneurs, and dreamers of the world. The Dreamer Mask: Emergence symbolizes the struggle that our ideas and dreams constantly face when trying to emerge. But if we truly believe in what we have to bring to the world, we’ll do whatever it takes to help them take flight. And when this does happen, the experience is truly beautiful.



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