Mana Potion Pendant (available only on Shapeways)

$ 58.00

This was designed to help raise funds for a dear friend with stage three cancer. 100% proceeds will go to her. I will not be making a profit. Read the entire story here.

Click HERE to buy the Mana Potion

Click HERE to buy the Health Potion

These are only available on Shapeways


Width: 2.5 cm

Height: 4.1 cm

Depth: 2.3 cm


  • Only available on Shapeways
  • 3D printed in various materials
  • Clickthrough to Shapeways to pick the material you like


Every health or mana potion pendant sold could help provide support for the services that my friend needs. Sure, we may live in a world without magic or miraculous potions. But that's okay because every bit of love and support has the potential to truly work wonders.

Whether or not you buy a pendant, I'd be so grateful if you could take a second to share this post and help spread the word to help my good friend. As always, thanks a million <3




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