Phoenix Claw Ring

$ 105.00

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  • Manufacturing and shipping handled by Shapeways
  • Can be worn on the fingertip or as a regular ring
  • Wear as many or as few as you like


The Phoenix Claw Ring was designed to look like a shield ring and a claw ring. How you decide to wear it is up to you!

The pattern is derived from the ongoing Phoenix Armor series.

How to measure your ring size

You can get your ring size professionally and accurately measured at a jeweler's shop. However, if you want to measure it on your own, take a ring that feels comfortable on your preferred finger (and/or fingertip) and measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler in millimeters. Take that diameter measurement and match it to the closest number on the chart below.

In the preview images, I am wearing a size 6 on my ring finger and my fingertip rings (from pinky to thumb) are sizes 0000, 00, 0, 1, and 5. Please take some time to measure your fingers carefully if you plan on getting rings for multiple fingers.

US Ring Size

Inside Diameter (mm)

US 0000

9.91 mm

US 00

10.7 mm

US 0

11.5 mm

US 1

12.4 mm

US 2

13.2 mm

US 3

14.1 mm

US 4

14.9 mm

US 5

15.7 mm

US 6

16.5 mm

US 7

17.3 mm

US 8

18.2 mm

US 9

18.9 mm

US 10

19.8 mm

US 11

20.6 mm

US 12

21.3 mm

US 13

22.2 mm


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