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Can't find a mask, armor or jewelry design?

If you saw a mask, armor or jewelry piece in my gallery but don't see it here, it's probably because I no longer offer the design or it was only available for a limited time. However, if enough people ask for a certain design (submit request here BUT read below if it's about gauntlets), I may consider doing a new similar design in the future. Or fill out my custom commission form here.

When can I buy the Phoenix Gauntlets? Can I have something custom made?

They will be available for pre-order in 2019. For now, you can learn more about the Phoenix Gauntlets, watch the demo video, and fill out the pre-order questionnaire (this is also where you can submit your questions, so please enter them here!). The Phoenix Gauntlets will be open for pre-order in the beginning of 2019. Be the first to know when the pre-order is open by signing up on my free newsletter. Filling out the questionnaire does not guarantee you a space or lock you into the pre-order.

If you're interested in custom made gauntlets, please check out my links above and fill out my custom commission form. Please not that filling out this custom commissions form also does not guarantee a response or that I will accept the commission.

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